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  • Still at it, after all of these years.

    Years have flown by. I still project at night, maybe once a week. I often ask to do a retrieval. When I do, I often use my lift the world up technique. Sometimes, it goes without a hitch. Sometimes, the ground gets a little shaky and throws a few people off. My brother and Dad […]

  • Exhausting group retrieval using a new method

    Last night, I became aware I was dreaming found myself falling (a tell-tale sign of a retrieval). I landed and slowly became aware of a wide expanse with people everywhere. I immediately decided this would be group “lift up” retrieval but in order to get the most traction I decided to do something new. As […]

  • Our ultimate home – the soul

    Last night’s experience reminded once again that, just as we borrow the Earth’s atoms to be who we are in the physical world, we also borrow our soul’s “atoms” to be the individual spirit we are today. In my experience last night, I lifted a group of spirits through the astral sub-planes. While this is […]

  • World Peace

    Around this time of year, one of the common things we think and talk about is world peace. How ironic is it that we are also reunited with friends and family, and all of the resentment built up over a lifetime is often released during these times. I don’t have any solutions on how to […]

  • If life is an illusion…

    It is often thought that once we become aware that the world is an illusion, we should detach from it – perhaps eventually reach “Nirvana.” I do not ascribe to this belief. I believe life is to be lived. There is plenty of time to detach when we are not incarnate. I do agree that […]

  • Hyperactivity at the Retail Store

    This morning I became lucid, and asked to do a retrieval. As I fell back into a tunnel, I remember touching the tunnel to see what it felt like. Clumpy? Like globs of dirt. When I landed I was in complete darkness. I commanded for some light, but the best I could get were these […]

  • Sneaky Retrieval

    This morning as I became lucid, I noticed an entity hugging me from behind. I could not see the man’s face. He had a bit of an accent. I asked his name and got the cryptic “Mephangeles,” which I probably mis-heard. He seemed to think he had grabbed onto someone I know. His grip was […]

  • The story of me – a mystical explorer

    I’ve always had a terrible fear of death. My earliest memories regarding death, were thinking about how I wouldn’t be able to take my stuffed animals with me to heaven at around 5 years old. Later on, as I would fall asleep at night I would ponder the thought of how life was finite and […]

  • Promoted to Tier 1

    This morning I realized I was having a very long dream and decided to do a retrieval. I ended up in a room filled with people. I felt like the best method was to lift up the room. After what seemed like a shorter than normal time, I heard an applause. I looked around and […]

  • A fellow projector?

    This morning during a lucid dream, I requested a retrieval and fell for a bit. This time it looked like someone had carried me in a tiny scene down. I quickly find myself in an auditorium with what seemed like 50 people. I begin to raise the room, and almost immediately hear the whir that […]

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