Still at it, after all of these years.

Years have flown by. I still project at night, maybe once a week. I often ask to do a retrieval. When I do, I often use my lift the world up technique. Sometimes, it goes without a hitch. Sometimes, the ground gets a little shaky and throws a few people off.

My brother and Dad passed away last year at different times. While I’ve seen both a little There, surprisingly, it has not been frequent. I suspect they have moved on to levels that I cannot reach – and they did it fairly quickly. I tried an experiment with my Mom and trying to find out the name of my Dad’s car by asking him There, but I failed to pick out the right name despite what I thought were visits with him.

Does this shake my faith in the validity of my experiences? Not really. But I am disappointed as it would’ve added to the proof I’ve collected over the years. Interestingly, the best proof I got with my brother, was from a fellow projector friend. The words and ideas she picked out were impossible to know and very personal. Even my Mom, who is a skeptic, found it convincing.

One thing I’ve learned is that everywhere I can explore in the spirit world is malleable. One way to think of it is like multiplayer creative Minecraft. Even the heaven plane can be changed with my mind. One of the biggest drawbacks for me is that I cannot read text there, because I change it. I regret that when it’s my turn to go, I will not be able to read anything There. Interestingly, I am good at destroying, not nearly as well-versed at creating. Perhaps that’s a skill I could work on There.






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