Sneaky Retrieval

This morning as I became lucid, I noticed an entity hugging me from behind. I could not see the man’s face. He had a bit of an accent. I asked his name and got the cryptic “Mephangeles,” which I probably mis-heard. He seemed to think he had grabbed onto someone I know. His grip was tight, and I could not easily release him. In retrospect, I could have mentally envisioned some sort of painful device on him, but instead, I had a different idea.

I slowly lifted myself and him through the astral planes. I even told him about the astral as I did this. He told me had been dead for about 10 years – and that his life ended incompletely. I sensed him to be a young adult who had just finished or didn’t quite finish college. We continued to ascend through subplanes. Indoor subplanes to outdoor ones, finally back to large indoor ones.

Finally, I gazed upward towards “the light” and he released with a yell. Apparently, his soul’s “attractor beam” caught hold, and he was none too pleased with his ascension.

I managed to pull myself through to the mental plane, hoping to get an eye on his arrival. Instead, I found myself in a bustling hallway. I felt in need of help. Help, perhaps, of clearing energy stuck to me from him and I called out. Eventually, a woman showed up to discuss my concerns. I realized that the supposed energy stuck to me was nothing more than the buffering layer between the astral and mental wrapped around my body like Saran wrap. I woke up soon after noticing I was quite embedded under my blankets. I wondered if the sensation of the blankets was the cause of the “wrapping” feeling or it was a coincidence.

Only after being awake, did I realize I could have fended this person off from the get go, but I took the gentler and more productive approach. I was proud of myself for doing that. I have found that my response to these so-called violent spirits in the last few months have been met by my own violence rather than alternate, more peaceful means, of achieving the goal – of getting these spirits back to their Mothership/soul. My violent tactics only seemed to scare them off.






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