Exhausting group retrieval using a new method

Last night, I became aware I was dreaming found myself falling (a tell-tale sign of a retrieval). I landed and slowly became aware of a wide expanse with people everywhere. I immediately decided this would be group “lift up” retrieval but in order to get the most traction I decided to do something new. As I intentioned to lift up the scene, I slowly rotated clockwise to imagine as much as possible lifting up. I noticed that this procedure avoided the rotation like motion that often happens when I lift the scene up. Also, i found the procedure very difficult and thought to myself this is “too hard.”

After about three or four scene changes, I end up in the mental plane and I’m immediately greeted by helpers. One of them tells me I retrieved 80 people but there were still 3000 people left.
This shocked me. There was that many people to retrieve? Also, after this grueling experience they were basically saying I failed.

I asked “Don’t I have the world-record for group retrievals?” Another helper replied that there were people known as “Walkers” that can do more. They also said I need to work on my stability (as a lot of people “fall off” as I lift up the scene)

I awoke moments with my daughter trying to get my attention. Later, I looked up “Walkers” and “Spirit Walkers.” The best definition I can find is that in the Native American tradition, the specialization of spirit walker are those that go into the spirit world to communicate with spirit guides and get advice to bring back to the community.

Looking back at the experience, I think I did a pretty good job given my current expertise level. Normally, I’ve been only successful with indoor scenes and this one was completely outdoors at least at first. The rotation method which I had never used before was effective in my estimation in both grabbing a lot of real estate and in not inducing the “spin” that often plagues my “lift up” retrievals. What I’m not sure about is how to deal with the exhaustion this experience gave me but I think it’s partly to do with my general state of mind these days.






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