A fellow projector?

This morning during a lucid dream, I requested a retrieval and fell for a bit. This time it looked like someone had carried me in a tiny scene down. I quickly find myself in an auditorium with what seemed like 50 people. I begin to raise the room, and almost immediately hear the whir that I’ve heard before when I perform this trick.

There’s a guy beside me who asks “Where did you learn this?” I didn’t have a good answer. Its a technique I’ve developed over awhile and I originally used to wreak havoc with my ability to modify scenes. He walks out with me after we reach the “destination” He turns from a Caucasian into an African-American. I see that he’s struggling to remain conscious. I take this to mean, he’s a projector like me. I ask him his name: Will. He mentions the years 1977-1982. A location in Southern California and he even gives his address which I can’t remember.  At the time I thought for sure I would be able to figure out his name when I work up and contact him. But alas, my name recall fails me again.

BTW, this is the second time in as may retrievals that I’ve been accompanied by someone else, presumably a living projector. I feel like if events like this continue, it’s only a matter of time that I make some sort of real-world validation out of these encounters.






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