Promoted to Tier 1

This morning I realized I was having a very long dream and decided to do a retrieval. I ended up in a room filled with people. I felt like the best method was to lift up the room. After what seemed like a shorter than normal time, I heard an applause. I looked around and saw 4 or 5 helpers. One walked in said he had some news. I begged to know what he was going to say. One of the female helpers said “You have a remarkable life. You’ve been upgraded to Tier 1 retrievals” which I assume are the most difficult retrievals of all. I’m curious what could be more difficult than what I’ve dealt with so far, although I imagine it could involve some “Hell-like” scenes or people that are very hard to convince to move on because of their beliefs.

I joked that I might be back if I failed to make it in “Tier 1.” They all smiled at me.






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