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  • Single and group retrievals

    A few mornings ago, I realized I was dreaming (became lucid). As always, I fell backward and asked to do a retrieval. But nothing happened. At first I thought “I guess they don’t need me.” But as I looked around I realized I was already There – in the retrieval scene. Sometimes they will transport […]

  • 12/7/13: Two-step retrieval

    My experience began with a dream that turned lucid where I was lying in bed in an unfamiliar space, almost like a living room. A cute little dog appeared and started jumping on the bed. Then dog left and then I imagined a ball, and it appeared. Then I asked for a spirit to appear […]

  • 12/4/2013: Group retrieval

    This morning I found myself dreaming about attacking these people who were attacking me. They were relentless and my special powers were too slow to fend them off, so I decided to run. As I ran, I realized I didn’t need to play this game anymore, so I requested to do a retrieval. Down a […]

  • A note about soul levels

    The author Michael Newton in his Journey of Souls book series talks about levels of soul advancement and soul colors. White souls are just beginning their Earth experience. Yellow souls are junior guides (like me). Blue souls are senior guides just about ready to complete Earth school. There are far more white than yellow, and […]

  • A personal revelation

    I’m not going to tell you blue is green, or up is down in this blog. But the experience I had this morning is a shocker, and always keeps me skeptical about individual events that I have in the spiritual world. After performing a small group retrieval (something which I’ll explain more in another post), […]

  • The Greatest Lie Ever Told

    I’m not one to strike a nerve with people, but I have to say this because I feel like a spokesman for the 1000’s of helpers in the spirit world out There who work tirelessly (literally) to help souls re-integrate personalities (human lifetimes). Most forms of Christianity teach that one and only Entity can save […]

  • Welcome

    This is my first post on the new (and improved?) Mystical Explorer website / blog. 99% of the readership of my previous chronicles has long moved on, but I’m starting up again if nothing for the fame and fortune of being one of the millions of bloggers out there. I’m not one for tooting my […]

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