Single and group retrievals

A few mornings ago, I realized I was dreaming (became lucid). As always, I fell backward and asked to do a retrieval. But nothing happened. At first I thought “I guess they don’t need me.” But as I looked around I realized I was already There – in the retrieval scene. Sometimes they will transport me into a retrieval while I’m not lucid and hope I catch on.

I started my hunt. The first room I looked into was a bedroom. Some odd-shaped energy was mulling around on the bed. At first I was a bit assertive in grabbing it, and it recoiled in fear. I then tried to talk to it, explaining I was there to help. It calmed down enough that I could hold it in my arms. I tried to ascend, feeling love in my heart. The energy turned into a little boy…

Last night, I did a group retrieval by raising up a large room. I don’t remember the details, but I do recall making it into the heaven plane. There was someone with me on the journey. At the time, I assumed it was some adult I might know. But I realize now, it probably was my son. I can’t wait for him to remember these trips.

12/7/13: Two-step retrieval

My experience began with a dream that turned lucid where I was lying in bed in an unfamiliar space, almost like a living room. A cute little dog appeared and started jumping on the bed. Then dog left and then I imagined a ball, and it appeared. Then I asked for a spirit to appear and some headless guy appeared, to which I tried to remain calm.

I decided to get out of bed and do a real retrieval. I soon found myself in an outdoor scene with lots of people. I realized that only a group retrieval could work, but attempts at lifting up the ground were too “local.” I couldn’t pick up the whole scene. I then chose this lady named “Betty” who was singing pop songs to retrieve as a single person. After lifting her only a few subplanes, she seemed independent and ready to move forward.

Rather than swooping back down, I went down the stairs, so to speak, sort of a sloped down very long hallway until I was back in the outdoor scene. I then shouted out and encouraged everyone to follow me back up. Unfortunately, the way wasn’t so clear.  But I kept trekking upwward slowly even I was making the path as I went. The line was faithfully behind me. Finally, I found myself with another helper talking to a leading helper and telling her what I done. I don’t think anyone was angry at what I did, but maybe they found my methods to be a little unconventional.

12/4/2013: Group retrieval

This morning I found myself dreaming about attacking these people who were attacking me. They were relentless and my special powers were too slow to fend them off, so I decided to run. As I ran, I realized I didn’t need to play this game anymore, so I requested to do a retrieval. Down a tunnel I fell, what seemed like thirty seconds. When I hit the rocky ground, I instinctively pulled off this plasticky wrap off my eyes (which I never had done before in the astral?) and found the outdoor scene brightly lit. (sometimes the scene start out dark and I have to demand some lighting.)

I look around the neighborhood and notice many people milling about and realize this will have to be a group retrieval. I grab onto sign and start to lift it, but only the sign rises. I then go for a tree, same effect. Then, I tried grab the ground (something else I’ve never tried before) and this seemed to work somewhat as whole chunk of land started rising. About seven or so people (mostly children) are on this platform as it slowly rises. One of the girls exclaims “this is real!” I don’t bother to tell them what’s happening or why they are where they are. The scene outside the platform changes to the interior a large room in an office building. I continue to lift until the kids disappear or transform into older people.

Feeling like my job was not completed, I try to go back down a few subplanes and lift up more people. I successfully grab a large “school building” and lift it up somewhat. I hear and see a woman (presumably a teacher) saying “I keep telling the kids to use their imagination, but they don’t. (I now realized this person could’ve been a helper)

A note. Before all of this I was dreaming I heard a new Coldplay song or at least Chris Martin’s singing with a very “Lumineers” type multi-stringed instrument sound. I woke up and recorded the melody into my phone. If I have enough energy, at some point, I’ll try turning it into a song.

A note about soul levels

The author Michael Newton in his Journey of Souls book series talks about levels of soul advancement and soul colors. White souls are just beginning their Earth experience. Yellow souls are junior guides (like me). Blue souls are senior guides just about ready to complete Earth school. There are far more white than yellow, and far more yellow than blue.

Most importantly, I think, is not to judge people based on what you think their level of soul advancement is. For one thing, the percentage of soul energy that we devote to a particular lifetime can affect how much influence the soul has over its physical form. Sometimes, souls split their energy into two incarnations at once. Also, each life has its own difficulty, not unlike Olympic diving. Finally, whereever in the timeline your soul or the souls of people you know are, we are all Here because we are not finished learning and we are all capable of greatness and darkness in any lifetime. As a whole, we are one Soul occupying this planet, and we need to work together to help the Earth ascend into a better place than it currently resides.

A personal revelation

I’m not going to tell you blue is green, or up is down in this blog. But the experience I had this morning is a shocker, and always keeps me skeptical about individual events that I have in the spiritual world.

After performing a small group retrieval (something which I’ll explain more in another post), I decided to push through into the mental plane, the plane right above the astral. This plane is normally very hard for me to access, and most astral projectors rarely venture to this realm unless guided. I enjoy trying to get there as it is more like the Heaven people love and believe in.

After getting into “Heaven” after minute of squeezing through, I decided to look for my old pal Dave, who passed away over 11 years ago. No success. I remembered he was long gone having reincarnated already. I then asked to visit a recently dead celebrity. Once again no success. This was dumb because he was probably still in the astral! I then thought about asking for my students. This request is very reliable as my soul students are always interested in visiting me and asking questions.

As an aside, the concept of soul students I’ve picked up from Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls. Michael Newton was a psychotherapist who hypnotically regressed his patients to their life in-between lives to find out more about the Afterlife. The concept of some souls having soul students and a more advanced guide checks out with my observations There. It turns out that I am a junior guide, with relatively young souls under my tutelage. I also have a female senior guide named something like “Val de Valla.”

Back to my experience, this morning. After about a half a minute, many of my students appeared in front of me. Strangely, my 4-yr old daughter was in attendance. I could hear her babbling in her current speech patterns. Was she one of my students? I asked one of my students what Sophia was doing here? He said she was my spirit guide!

This is a pretty bold claim. Time will tell, if this notion holds up. It certainly seems synchronous that I would get such an interesting revelation right as I’m starting up this new blog.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

I’m not one to strike a nerve with people, but I have to say this because I feel like a spokesman for the 1000’s of helpers in the spirit world out There who work tirelessly (literally) to help souls re-integrate personalities (human lifetimes). Most forms of Christianity teach that one and only Entity can save your soul. But this is patently wrong. Here is my statement in lyrical form from the song Retrieve Me,

The greatest lie ever told.

The bill of goods that you’ve been sold.

Heaven’s road is only paved

For the souls who have been saved.

It turns out there is a large organization of spirits there who do the work of “saving” our souls. Even this is a misnomer, since souls don’t need to be saved, as they are eternal gifts from the Source. What needs saving some of the time are fragments of the Soul that have incarnated on this planet.

Let’s step back a moment. When we live in the physical plane, as you are now, you have a brain processing thoughts. You actually have more than one processing center. Each one of these centers is its own mind. Each of these minds is intermingled with the fragmented essence of the Soul.  When you die, the brain is of course not operational. What’s left are these fragments, which are no longer connected to the physical and no longer tied to each other through the common brain. Thus, they are completely independent entities. Some of these entitites get stuck in the astral plane.  Other fragments merge back with the soul in the higher planes instantaneously. The latter phenomenon is commonly experienced in the near death experience where the person has visions of heaven.

The fragments that hang out in the astral are often the subconscious aspect of our mind. Another way to think of them is our dream state. These fragments have mostly free will and can linger in the astral indefinitely, especially if they are stubbornly attached to the scenes/beliefs they and others contrive. These fragments are what need saving or to use a more accurate term, retrieving. Thousands of helpers in spirit as well as people like me are responsible for retrieving these fragmented personalities one by one or many at a time (i.e. group retrieval). Not Jesus alone.

Another way to think about it is this, are people that don’t follow a specific doctrine doomed to spend eternity in Hell? Are the Christians going to burn because they weren’t Muslim or vice versa? Well as it turns out as unfair as this planet may be, this is not one of the Source’s cruel jokes. Everyone gets saved if they need to be, although, maybe they will have to wait awhile. The queue of fragments is seemingly infinite. Also, I would argue the worst a Soul might have to experience is a reduction in energy while it waits to become Whole. More on this topic later…


This is my first post on the new (and improved?) Mystical Explorer website / blog. 99% of the readership of my previous chronicles has long moved on, but I’m starting up again if nothing for the fame and fortune of being one of the millions of bloggers out there.

I’m not one for tooting my own horn in this area, but now that I’ve reached middle age, I realize that I need to leave my teachings in this world for future people to enjoy and learn. My philosophies are fairly unique but are based on some contemporary authors  (Robert Monroe, Bruce Moen, and Michael Newton) and my own continuing experiences There. Feel free to comment on my posts and I’ll either reply or use your questions/comments to build future discussion posts.

Generally speaking, I will have two types of posts, ones where I describe an experience and ones where I espouse my philosophy, which for now we’ll jokingly call “Michaelology.” This is the term my wife uses.