If life is an illusion…

It is often thought that once we become aware that the world is an illusion, we should detach from it – perhaps eventually reach “Nirvana.”

I do not ascribe to this belief. I believe life is to be lived. There is plenty of time to detach when we are not incarnate.

I do agree that life is an illusion. But, certain things are real. Pain is real. So is joy. The souls behind everybody you know are real. Feeling is real – most certainly to the body experiencing it. Sure we can detach from these feelings – but only after we listen for awhile. For if we completely ignore the suffering of our bodies then we are not honoring the vessel that carries us.

What is the purpose of life? People who experience near-death experiences report two things: To learn and To love. Physical life is immensely interesting. It is complex, difficult, and beautiful. There is a lot to learn Here. Love is something we are born with but is hard to express when there’s so much confusion and sorrow. When we can love our greatest enemy, then we have mastered Love.






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