Our ultimate home – the soul

Last night’s experience reminded once again that, just as we borrow the Earth’s atoms to be who we are in the physical world, we also borrow our soul’s “atoms” to be the individual spirit we are today.

In my experience last night, I lifted a group of spirits through the astral sub-planes. While this is happening, I struck up a short conversation with an Asian woman. I noted how interesting it was that we could talk to each other in the spirit world, when I wouldn’t have understood her language in the real world. Quite suddenly, she disappeared, and re-appeared as a young Asian-looking man. The man introduced himself and then walked away.

What I had witnessed was the integration of a personality – a past-life, with a larger entity we often call the Soul.

People often ask the question: “Is there life after death?” The answer is nuanced. On the one hand, our personhood is independent for a time, and its memories are stored safely on our Soul’s “hard drive.” On the other hand, at some point, we re-integrate with our Soul. In doing so, the individual we are today disappears forever as a separate entity. Some people call this the phenomenon “second death.”

If there’s one thing to glean from this message, it is this… try to find your Soul, while you are still an individual human. This will be your home some day, or better yet, this will be who you will become.






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