Hyperactivity at the Retail Store

This morning I became lucid, and asked to do a retrieval. As I fell back into a tunnel, I remember touching the tunnel to see what it felt like. Clumpy? Like globs of dirt. When I landed I was in complete darkness. I commanded for some light, but the best I could get were these laser lights shining a little bit off of the ground. I could not find anyone. I then found myself in my parents’ home.

I went outside and noticed some commotion to the left. I proceeded into something like a Walmart or Target. People were moving around quickly. Some of them were coming at me and I felt like I had to defend myself with thought missives. I realized that to help these people I needed to avoid attention and pick up the scene.

I proceeded to imagine the whole store lifting up into the subplanes. After about a minute, the store had moved into an “outdoors” subplane. The people had calmed down and collected together.

While I’m sure I didn’t reach F21/the heaven plane, I felt like I did enough. Also, I’ve learned from experience to avoid lifting outdoors scenes – things tend to get haywire.

I celebrated by myself about my achievement, and heard an interesting rock song that had the words “Earth Below.” Unfortunately, I didn’t record the song after I woke up.






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