A personal revelation

I’m not going to tell you blue is green, or up is down in this blog. But the experience I had this morning is a shocker, and always keeps me skeptical about individual events that I have in the spiritual world.

After performing a small group retrieval (something which I’ll explain more in another post), I decided to push through into the mental plane, the plane right above the astral. This plane is normally very hard for me to access, and most astral projectors rarely venture to this realm unless guided. I enjoy trying to get there as it is more like the Heaven people love and believe in.

After getting into “Heaven” after minute of squeezing through, I decided to look for my old pal Dave, who passed away over 11 years ago. No success. I remembered he was long gone having reincarnated already. I then asked to visit a recently dead celebrity. Once again no success. This was dumb because he was probably still in the astral! I then thought about asking for my students. This request is very reliable as my soul students are always interested in visiting me and asking questions.

As an aside, the concept of soul students I’ve picked up from Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls. Michael Newton was a psychotherapist who hypnotically regressed his patients to their life in-between lives to find out more about the Afterlife. The concept of some souls having soul students and a more advanced guide checks out with my observations There. It turns out that I am a junior guide, with relatively young souls under my tutelage. I also have a female senior guide named something like “Val de Valla.”

Back to my experience, this morning. After about a half a minute, many of my students appeared in front of me. Strangely, my 4-yr old daughter was in attendance. I could hear her babbling in her current speech patterns. Was she one of my students? I asked one of my students what Sophia was doing here? He said she was my spirit guide!

This is a pretty bold claim. Time will tell, if this notion holds up. It certainly seems synchronous that I would get such an interesting revelation right as I’m starting up this new blog.






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