12/7/13: Two-step retrieval

My experience began with a dream that turned lucid where I was lying in bed in an unfamiliar space, almost like a living room. A cute little dog appeared and started jumping on the bed. Then dog left and then I imagined a ball, and it appeared. Then I asked for a spirit to appear and some headless guy appeared, to which I tried to remain calm.

I decided to get out of bed and do a real retrieval. I soon found myself in an outdoor scene with lots of people. I realized that only a group retrieval could work, but attempts at lifting up the ground were too “local.” I couldn’t pick up the whole scene. I then chose this lady named “Betty” who was singing pop songs to retrieve as a single person. After lifting her only a few subplanes, she seemed independent and ready to move forward.

Rather than swooping back down, I went down the stairs, so to speak, sort of a sloped down very long hallway until I was back in the outdoor scene. I then shouted out and encouraged everyone to follow me back up. Unfortunately, the way wasn’t so clear.  But I kept trekking upwward slowly even I was making the path as I went. The line was faithfully behind me. Finally, I found myself with another helper talking to a leading helper and telling her what I done. I don’t think anyone was angry at what I did, but maybe they found my methods to be a little unconventional.






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