A note about soul levels

The author Michael Newton in his Journey of Souls book series talks about levels of soul advancement and soul colors. White souls are just beginning their Earth experience. Yellow souls are junior guides (like me). Blue souls are senior guides just about ready to complete Earth school. There are far more white than yellow, and far more yellow than blue.

Most importantly, I think, is not to judge people based on what you think their level of soul advancement is. For one thing, the percentage of soul energy that we devote to a particular lifetime can affect how much influence the soul has over its physical form. Sometimes, souls split their energy into two incarnations at once. Also, each life has its own difficulty, not unlike Olympic diving. Finally, whereever in the timeline your soul or the souls of people you know are, we are all Here because we are not finished learning and we are all capable of greatness and darkness in any lifetime. As a whole, we are one Soul occupying this planet, and we need to work together to help the Earth ascend into a better place than it currently resides.






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