12/4/2013: Group retrieval

This morning I found myself dreaming about attacking these people who were attacking me. They were relentless and my special powers were too slow to fend them off, so I decided to run. As I ran, I realized I didn’t need to play this game anymore, so I requested to do a retrieval. Down a tunnel I fell, what seemed like thirty seconds. When I hit the rocky ground, I instinctively pulled off this plasticky wrap off my eyes (which I never had done before in the astral?) and found the outdoor scene brightly lit. (sometimes the scene start out dark and I have to demand some lighting.)

I look around the neighborhood and notice many people milling about and realize this will have to be a group retrieval. I grab onto sign and start to lift it, but only the sign rises. I then go for a tree, same effect. Then, I tried grab the ground (something else I’ve never tried before) and this seemed to work somewhat as whole chunk of land started rising. About seven or so people (mostly children) are on this platform as it slowly rises. One of the girls exclaims “this is real!” I don’t bother to tell them what’s happening or why they are where they are. The scene outside the platform changes to the interior a large room in an office building. I continue to lift until the kids disappear or transform into older people.

Feeling like my job was not completed, I try to go back down a few subplanes and lift up more people. I successfully grab a large “school building” and lift it up somewhat. I hear and see a woman (presumably a teacher) saying “I keep telling the kids to use their imagination, but they don’t. (I now realized this person could’ve been a helper)

A note. Before all of this I was dreaming I heard a new Coldplay song or at least Chris Martin’s singing with a very “Lumineers” type multi-stringed instrument sound. I woke up and recorded the melody into my phone. If I have enough energy, at some point, I’ll try turning it into a song.






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