The Greatest Lie Ever Told

I’m not one to strike a nerve with people, but I have to say this because I feel like a spokesman for the 1000’s of helpers in the spirit world out There who work tirelessly (literally) to help souls re-integrate personalities (human lifetimes). Most forms of Christianity teach that one and only Entity can save your soul. But this is patently wrong. Here is my statement in lyrical form from the song Retrieve Me,

The greatest lie ever told.

The bill of goods that you’ve been sold.

Heaven’s road is only paved

For the souls who have been saved.

It turns out there is a large organization of spirits there who do the work of “saving” our souls. Even this is a misnomer, since souls don’t need to be saved, as they are eternal gifts from the Source. What needs saving some of the time are fragments of the Soul that have incarnated on this planet.

Let’s step back a moment. When we live in the physical plane, as you are now, you have a brain processing thoughts. You actually have more than one processing center. Each one of these centers is its own mind. Each of these minds is intermingled with the fragmented essence of the Soul.  When you die, the brain is of course not operational. What’s left are these fragments, which are no longer connected to the physical and no longer tied to each other through the common brain. Thus, they are completely independent entities. Some of these entitites get stuck in the astral plane.  Other fragments merge back with the soul in the higher planes instantaneously. The latter phenomenon is commonly experienced in the near death experience where the person has visions of heaven.

The fragments that hang out in the astral are often the subconscious aspect of our mind. Another way to think of them is our dream state. These fragments have mostly free will and can linger in the astral indefinitely, especially if they are stubbornly attached to the scenes/beliefs they and others contrive. These fragments are what need saving or to use a more accurate term, retrieving. Thousands of helpers in spirit as well as people like me are responsible for retrieving these fragmented personalities one by one or many at a time (i.e. group retrieval). Not Jesus alone.

Another way to think about it is this, are people that don’t follow a specific doctrine doomed to spend eternity in Hell? Are the Christians going to burn because they weren’t Muslim or vice versa? Well as it turns out as unfair as this planet may be, this is not one of the Source’s cruel jokes. Everyone gets saved if they need to be, although, maybe they will have to wait awhile. The queue of fragments is seemingly infinite. Also, I would argue the worst a Soul might have to experience is a reduction in energy while it waits to become Whole. More on this topic later…






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