This is my first post on the new (and improved?) Mystical Explorer website / blog. 99% of the readership of my previous chronicles has long moved on, but I’m starting up again if nothing for the fame and fortune of being one of the millions of bloggers out there.

I’m not one for tooting my own horn in this area, but now that I’ve reached middle age, I realize that I need to leave my teachings in this world for future people to enjoy and learn. My philosophies are fairly unique but are based on some contemporary authors  (Robert Monroe, Bruce Moen, and Michael Newton) and my own continuing experiences There. Feel free to comment on my posts and I’ll either reply or use your questions/comments to build future discussion posts.

Generally speaking, I will have two types of posts, ones where I describe an experience and ones where I espouse my philosophy, which for now we’ll jokingly call “Michaelology.” This is the term my wife uses.






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