Single and group retrievals

A few mornings ago, I realized I was dreaming (became lucid). As always, I fell backward and asked to do a retrieval. But nothing happened. At first I thought “I guess they don’t need me.” But as I looked around I realized I was already There – in the retrieval scene. Sometimes they will transport me into a retrieval while I’m not lucid and hope I catch on.

I started my hunt. The first room I looked into was a bedroom. Some odd-shaped energy was mulling around on the bed. At first I was a bit assertive in grabbing it, and it recoiled in fear. I then tried to talk to it, explaining I was there to help. It calmed down enough that I could hold it in my arms. I tried to ascend, feeling love in my heart. The energy turned into a little boy…

Last night, I did a group retrieval by raising up a large room. I don’t remember the details, but I do recall making it into the heaven plane. There was someone with me on the journey. At the time, I assumed it was some adult I might know. But I realize now, it probably was my son. I can’t wait for him to remember these trips.






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